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Stephan and his crew did my neighbours roof and I called him and 2 other companies. He was the easiest to deal with by far and his quote was reasonable and the work was booked and done is one morning. I have a small townhouse and they had to deal with a turret and a couple of levels of slopes. He taught me about my eavestough and how I could avoid issues in the future with my roof.

I gave them drinks and offered to feed them (they said they were too busy) so gave them a nice cash tip to each of the crew and was sad to hear not many people do that!

They are so worth it.

It’s been a few years and I had a friend ask who I recommend so I looked them up here and decide to give a shout out!

Well the roof is still intact! 😅🏠 so that’s good!

Also my neighbours ar having a tough time with racoons peeling back their roof tiles.

Apparently my roof is not appealing 🦝🦝🦝🦝🦝 It must be sealed up great! Phew!