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There are many things to consider when your home needs a new roof. It is essential to educate yourself on the key elements of roofing to ensure that the work is done correctly and safely and within your budget. There are many products on the market that can significantly increase the price of your roof however not all these products are mandatory or essential for proper roof performance. Your roof assessor will be able to guide you in regards to which products are necessary to assure you of a good quality roof for which we can then confidently give you our installation warranty on.

Solid basic roofing can be provided relatively inexpensively without adding any unnecessary extras. Tar paper covering the whole roof, flashing replacement, drip edge, and or larger vents are not always necessary and will balloon the price of your roof while increasing the profit margins of the unscrupulous contractor. These items, however, may be necessary to ensure proper roof performance and should be recommended accordingly.


The angle of the roof (roof pitch):
The steeper the roof pitch, the more difficult it is to work on the roof, therefore, labour cost increases in proportion to the angle. The angle of the roof is calculated by the number of inches it rises vertically for every 12 inches it extends horizontally also known as a rise over run. For example, a roof that rises 7 inches for every 12 inches horizontally would be called a 7/12 pitch or slope.

Layers of existing shingles

Roofs can range from one layer to sometimes three or four on older homes. The type of roofing materials previously installed on your home can also affect the cost dramatically. For example, cedar shakes; slate, metal etc. Labour rates can also be affected by the type of wood decking your roof was constructed with. For example, plywood, particle board, planks etc.




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