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Licensed Roofing Company in Toronto, Ontario

Imperial Roofs And Aluminum - Licensed Roofing Company in Toronto, Ontario

About Us

Started from the ground up in Greater Toronto Area, Imperial Roofs has been and always will be a local solution for a full range of roofing, siding, and gutter services. Our business is built on neighborly trust, quality work, and affordable prices.

From homes to commercial estates and all points in between, serving the greater Greater Toronto Area community with top notch roofing has been our stock in trade. As demand has increased for our particular brand of quality, we’ve added siding and gutter services as a natural expansion to our ability, making us a comprehensive property exterior protection company.

Your new roof is right around the corner – call (416) 712-7663 Imperial Roofs today.

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In 1968 my father founded Cel Marchildon Roofing, which has grown into the company we have today. Through our commitment to excellence in our workmanship and materials, we have built our reputation of Total Customer Satisfaction by providing our customers with the Best Roofing System that will accommodate their budget. We will provide you, our valued customer, with a detailed assessment that will outline your specific needs and requirements for your home.

This may or may not be your first time purchasing a new roof, however, we would like to outline some of the key factors in our operating process.

  • Provide a copy of our insurance certificate.
  • Provide a copy of Workplace Insurance Safety Board certificate.
  • Provide a copy of our operating license.
  • Protect your home and surrounding area from falling debris.
  • Tear off all old shingle to the wood deck.
  • Inspect the wood deck for rot and warping areas.
  • Install ice and water shield eave protection to all installed eave.
  • Install name-brand shingles with a limited lifetime guarantee and other styles like metal roofs.
  • Install proper ventilation to the roof (1 sq. ft for every 300 sq. ft of attic floor area).
  • Install closed valleys with aluminium/metal underneath shingles to ensure maximum protection.
  • Install new metal flashing where needed or refurbish to "new" standards.
  • Full clean-up of your property using trailers to ensure no driveway damage.

All workmanship is guaranteed for UP TO 10 YEARS and materials by the manufacturer.

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