Mark Danza

Author: Imperial Roofs And Aluminum |

We purchased a resale home which had condensation and frost on the sheathing in extreme cold temperatures. We called Imperial as our family has been using them for over 20 years and they’ve done work on several homes for us. My family has worked for a long time in construction so we over analyze everything and we’ve always been very happy with Imperial and refer them all the time. Stephan came and confirmed the roof ventilation was insufficient for the size of our home. The intake baffles were sufficient, and unblocked but we needed roof vents for the air and moisture to escape. We also had some flashing replaced which the previous owner didn’t replace when he had the roof redone. The installer took his time to ensure everything was completed properly and was very professional and cleaned up when he left. We’ll add this to another successful experience with the Imperial team. The issue has been resolved with the added vents.