Roofing 101

What to know when choosing your roof

Roofing 101

There are many things to consider when your home needs a new roof. It is essential to educate yourself on the key elements of roofing to ensure that the work is done correctly and safely and within your budget. There are many products on the market that can significantly increase the price of your roof however not all these products are mandatory or essential for proper roof performance. Your roof assessor will be able to guide you in regards to which products are necessary to assure you of a good quality roof for which we can then confidently give you our installation warranty on.

Solid basic roofing can be provided relatively inexpensively without adding any unnecessary extras. Tar paper covering the whole roof, flashing replacement, drip edge, and or larger vents are not always necessary and will balloon the price of your roof while increasing the profit margins of the unscrupulous contractor. These items, however, may be necessary to ensure proper roof performance and should be recommended accordingly.

The angle of the roof (roof pitch):
The steeper the roof pitch, the more difficult it is to work on the roof, therefore, labour cost increases in proportion to the angle. The angle of the roof is calculated by the number of inches it rises vertically for every 12 inches it extends horizontally also known as a rise over run. For example, a roof that rises 7 inches for every 12 inches horizontally would be called a 7/12 pitch or slope.

Layers of existing shingles
Roofs can range from one layer to sometimes three or four on older homes. The type of roofing materials previously installed on your home can also affect the cost dramatically. For example, cedar shakes; slate, metal etc. Labour rates can also be affected by the type of wood decking your roof was constructed with. For example, plywood, particle board, planks etc.

Underlayment can prolong a roofs life. Its major function is to prevent water penetration when ice and water remain on the roof. Ice dams and water pools along with long lasting snow accumulation can cause roof damage if proper underlayment is not installed.

Ice and Water shield
Commonly referred to as ice and water shield. It consists of a self-adhesive rubber sheet that comes in rolls and is installed at a heated eave edges, it is also applied on low slopes and where water runs constantly on the roof's surface.

As your roofing contractor, Synthetic we always use ice and water shield on critical roof areas & the perimeter of your roof including all valleys.For lower slopes, it may be necessary to cover the whole roof area with ice and water Synthetic

Synthetic Guards are thin glass-like materials that range from breathing to non-breathing, which in turn promotes longevity for your roof.

Asphalt Plain Felt
Commonly referred to as tar paper. This is a fibre material saturated with asphalt. This material is commonly applied to the roof perimeter or covering the whole roof depending on the type of roof decking your home is constructed with.

Ventilation is a major component to your roof's performance and longevity. Proper ventilation will reduce moisture in the attic which will prolong roof-deck life. It will also keep the temperature in the attic in the winter more consistent which will, in turn, lead to less ice formation in the eave portion of your roof.

Proper ventilation consists of 1 Sq. Ft of ventilation for every 300 Sq.Ft. of attic floor space divided by 2 between the soffit ventilation and the roof vents.

  1. Static Vents
  2. Exhaust Vents
  3. Turbine Vents
  4. Ridge Vents
  5. Power Vents
  6. Plumbing Base Flashing
  7. Solar power Vent

To learn more visit Duraflo or Canada Go Green

Valleys are usually categorized as either open or closed. The easiest way to determine whether you have an open or closed valley is that an open valley has the metal exposed when complete and the closed valley does not. Open valleys with or without metal are generally less expensive and are of inferior quality than closed metal valleys. Closed metal valleys offer a triple layer of protection consisting of your ice protector, metal and shingles. Closed valleys are superior to open valleys because they have only one seam vs. two, therefore, reducing the potential risk of a leak by 50%. They are also superior on multiple angle roofs because the high side will be cut allowing the water to flow over the seam and not splashing onto the lower seam. A good contractor can install both types of valleys however we at Imperial Roofs strongly recommend a closed valley installation on all of our projects even though we incur a higher cost of operations.

Drip Edge
A drip edge is a piece of metal which helps guide the water into the leaves. A drip edge is strongly recommended on any slopes below 4/12.

Flashings are metal strips which seal the seams and joints of the roof. They are typically located around the walls joining the roof, around chimneys and skylights. In many cases, the flashings can be cleaned and restored if they are caught early and are made of galvanized metal. If the damage is progressive and extensive they should be replaced. Utilizing our professional expertise we will recommend what is necessary to be done to ensure no leaks will occur, sometimes all you need is to have them properly refastened and the seams re-caulked.

Shingles are your roofs first line of defence against environmental damage. The type of shingles you chose is the biggest factor in determining the longevity of your roof. For example, premium shingles constructed with of fibreglass asphalt saturated mats coated with ceramic granules will provide a longer roof life.
There are many types of shingles available for your roof, therefore, a professional advice is crucial in making your final decision. Different companies call their shingles of equal quality by different names for the same overall product so choose carefully. Most shingles are either of the three in one construction (three tabs) or they are of the laminate variety meaning layered construction and all come with an unlimited lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer.

Fibreglass /Asphalt shingles are only thinner in appearance because the starting mat is thinner than the old style paper based constructed shingles as they have the same amount of asphalt in each product. Fibreglass shingles are warranted the same from the manufacturer. All shingles manufactured now are of fibreglass construction. Laminate shingles also known as architectural shingles are usually of the premium variety with heavy duty construction, they come with a limited lifetime guarantee (meaning 50 years prorated guarantee).

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